A ‘malfunctioning’ charger doesn’t have to be broken

Over 80% of the chargers the servicedepartement of Ebike4delivery gets in for repairs aren’t broken. The confusion is most likely due to misuse.

Adapters that are continuously powered and charge battery after battery can get too hot. When this happens the safeguard will kick in and it will shut off the charger. While the adapter is cooling down it temporarily won’t work. After the adapter is cooled off it will be working like normal.

If you return adapters to our servicedepartment that aren’t broken, be aware of extra costs.

Charging tips

1 – Please note that when charging, adapters need to be on a dry surface and do not place any items on top of it. The charger must have enough air to cool down.
2 – If there is no battery connected to the charger, unplug the power cord.
3 – When connecting the charger to an empty battery, a red light is on the charger’s adapter. This will turn green when the battery is full. If this is not the case, and the light will turn green immediately when connecting an empty battery, your charger or battery may probably be broken.