About the Ebike4Delivery

Cost effective, sustainable and innovative

With our 20 years’ experience with electric bikes, we have developed the DeliverEbike specifically for delivery services, and we continually update our service using the latest technology. The DeliverEbike offers a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and innovative solution for the delivery of pizzas, meals, pharmaceuticals and packages.

We have been supplying the DeliverEbike in Europe for the last four years to amongst others major chains like Domino’s Pizza, across 14 countries.

Not convinced yet? You can read all about the advantage of using the DeliverEbike here.


The DeliverEbike can handle a few knocks and is unbeatable in speed and costs over short distances. In cities, the DeliverEbike will even outcompete other modes of transport over longer distances.

The DeliverEbike is extensively tested in our E-Bike Development Center in Cuijk, which is also where our headquarters is located. Its components are carefully chosen or specifically made to create a DeliverEbike that is indestructible and that can do its job under the toughest of conditions. Using only the highest quality parts ensures that the DeliverEbike is sturdy, safe and durable.

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Your corporate identity everywhere

The DeliverEbike can be customized to match your corporate identity, and branding can be included on the frame and the delivery boxes. Please discuss your requirements with our design team, who will make sure that your corporate identity is perfectly projected on the DeliverEbike.

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Boxes and Bags

Customizable for your company needs

The DeliverEbike has been specially developed for delivery services. The DeliverEbike can be fitted with a range of different DeliveryBoxes and matching insulated bags to suit your needs. Of course, the boxes and bags can be customized to match your corporate look. Boxes can be placed on the front or the rear of the DeliverEbike, or on both. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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