Advantages of the DeliverEbike

What benefits does the DeliverEbike offer?

Never get stranded with a defective battery or engine

The DeliverEbike is a bicycle with an electric auxiliary motor and a rechargeable battery. On the rare occasion that its battery or engine fails, it can still be used as an ordinary bicycle.


Easy parking everywhere…

…without charges. All that is required is a bike rack.


No legal requirement for wearing a helmet or having a driver’s license

In most countries there is a legal requirement to wear a helmet or have a driver’s license, but that won’t be necessary riding the DeliverEbike, as the DeliverEbike is deemed to be an ordinary bicycle in traffic.


Faster delivery compared to mopeds at short distances.

The DeliverEbike reaches speeds of over 25 km per hour and is quick to accelerate. In most countries the DeliverEbike is allowed on bike paths, enabling the driver to bypass congested traffic.


No fuel cost

Gasoline costs more than leasing our complete DeliverEbike. The cost of electricity per full charge is approximately € 0.003.


Zero emissions

Given the fact that the average car will produce 4 tonnes of C02 per year, and that a moped also runs on fossil fuels, the 100% electric DeliverEbike is the environmentally friendly alternative for your delivery requirements.


Unique all-in insurance

We offer insurance against theft and damage in cooperation with ENRA. If you choose to lease a DeliverEbike, insurance is included.



We make use of the best brands while making the DeliverEbike. Its components are carefully chosen or specifically made to create a DeliverEbike that is indestructible and that can do its job under the toughest of conditions. Using only the highest quality parts ensures that the DeliverEbike is sturdy, safe and durable.