‘Defective’ battery charger?

A ‘defective’ battery charger is often not broken at all.

Over 80% of the chargers returned to our DeliverEbike service department are not defective. The confusion is most likely caused by misuse. Chargers that are permanently connected can overheat. When this happens, a built-in safety switch shuts the charger down, making you temporarily unable to use it. This is its cooldown mode. Sending a working charger to our service department may result in extra charges.

Charging tips

– Make sure chargers are put on a dry surface when charging and do not place any items on top of it. The charger needs sufficient airflow to be able to cool down.

– Please turn off the power if the charger is not in use.

– When connecting the charger to an empty battery, a red light will show on the charger. This light will turn green when the battery is full. If the light turns green immediately after connecting an empty battery, your charger or battery is most likely to be defective.

User manual

Download the user manual through the following link.

Charger Explanation EN.pdf

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