Also restaurants with own delivery welcome to Deliveroo

Source: Snackcorner

From next month, Deliveroo will also take orders for companies that have their own delivery staff. The food delivery service starts a new service for this: Marketplace +. So far, Deliveroo has only worked with its own deliverers. Restaurants can choose from July whether they want to deliver themselfs or want to use one of the 1900 deliverers of the company.

Amsterdam first

Marketplace + starts in Amsterdam. Thereafter, the other thirteen cities where Deliveroo delivers in Netherlands. The meal deliverer hopes to increase the number of affiliated restaurants by half. At the moment the British company is still working together with 1500 restaurants in the Netherlands.

Fourteen cities

The fourteen cities where Deliveroo deliveres are: Arnhem, Nijmegen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Breda, Tilburg, Utrecht, Den Haag, Den Bosch, Haarlem, Amstelveen, Eindhoven, Leiden en Delft. The blind spot of the company in the Netherlands up to now is the Northern provinces and Limburg.

New customers

According to Deliveroo, restaurants with own deliverers can tap into a new audience. For restaurants that already work with Deliveroo, it is beneficial that more people come to the site to order food, says the meal deliverer.

Eased rules

In other countries such as Belgium, Italy, the United Kingdom and Australia, the meal deliverer also ease his rules. The company ultimately wants to offer the new service in all countries where it’s active.