We have a diverse set of boxes to fit your DeliverEbike. They are perfect for delivering pizzas, meals, pharmaceuticals or packages. The box can be customized in your corporate identity and placed on the front and/or the rear of the DeliverEbike. Within the DeliveryBoxes you can place a thermobag, so your meal will be delivered at the right temperature.

Contact us and together we will decide which DeliveryBoxes and bags are best suited for your product.

Here is a list of our standard boxes:

1 | Delibox Iso Small

Productnumber: DELIBOXISOZS

Description: Isolated Flexbox (45L)


Box capacity: L400x W400 x H290 mm


Bisonyl – Black

2 | Delibox Iso Medium

Productnumber: DELIBOXISOZM

Description: Isolated Flexbox (65L)


Box capacity: L490x W490 x H280 mm


Bisonyl – Black

3 | Delibox Iso Large

Productnumber: DELIBOXISOZL

Description: Isolated Flexbox (80L)


Box capacity: L480x W500 x H340 mm


Bisonyl – Black


4 | Cup Holder (Pre-order)

Productnumber: CUPHOLDER


Description: Cup holder for cold and hot beverages


One product has three holders, expandable to your needs


Black EPP


5 | Postbox



Description: Plastic crate


Multiple sizes available


Plastic – Multiple colours


6 | Phone Bag

Productnumber: PHONEBAG


Description: Phone Bag