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We’d like to advise you to give our DeliverEbike a test! So that you can experience all the DeliverEbike has to offer.

We are happy to let you try a DeliverEbike for free and without any obligation or risk. We will even deliver the DeliverEbike to your doorstep and collect it when your trial period is finished*.

*This varies per country. Contact us for more information about free testing.

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Costs for buying and leasing compared


Options Buy & Lease

Option 1


Option 2

Full Operational lease
(starting at € 95 per month!6)

DeliverEbike purchase € 1860,- excl. Included in lease
DeliveryBox purchase From € 75,- Included in lease
Payment In advance After start of contract
Custom graphics € 80,- Sole payment of € 3,50 per month (till 3 Ebikes)
Battery disposal fee € 10,- Included in lease
Delivery costs € 25,-  (vary per country) Included in lease
Call-out costs1 € 55,- Included in lease2
Maintenance € 65,- (parts not included) Included in lease (parts not included)
Service Does not apply 4 per year (once every 3 months) on request
Parts & Labor Does not apply Included in lease
Replacement DeliverEbike during service & repair No Included in lease
Insurance3 No Included in lease
Theft insurance4 No Included in lease
Warranty5 6 months on the operation of the DeliverEbike Term contract
OPTIONAL: extra battery 11,6 AMP € 335,- a piece € 16,50 per month
OPTIONAL: extra battery 14 AMP € 400,- a piece € 19,50 per month

Please note that the prices and terms and conditions vary per country. Please contact our office for a quote tailored to your circumstances. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

  1. We will respond to your request for help with a defective DeliverEbike by visiting your premises as soon as possible after receiving your service request. Simple repairs like broken handle bars or saddles can be fixed by our team on the road.
  2. Within our standard route, we will transport your DeliverEbike for free. If you are outside our route, a call out fee of € 55 will be charged, regardless of the difficulty of the repair.
  3. Damages and repairs over € 150, – will be reimbursed. A flat tire or a similar small repair will not. We stipulate that the user of the DeliverEbike must take good care of the E-Bike.
  4. There is an excess of € 150, -, two original keys and a police report are required.
  5. Your DeliverEbike requires regular maintenance and insurance is invalidated in case defects arise from poor maintenance. There is no guarantee on parts of the DeliverEbike that are subject to normal wear and tear (for example, tires, saddle, chain, chain rings, freewheel, rear gears, cables, pedals and brake pads), unless there are construction or defects in the materials used.
  6. This is for a contract of 4 years. Please note that the prices and terms and conditions vary per country. Please contact our office for a quote tailored to your circumstances.