Service form

Is your DeliverEbike in need of service or maintenance? Please fill in the service application form, so we can contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment. Submit a separate form for each bicycle. Forms with multiple frame or bicycle numbers will not be processed.

  • We will respond to your request for help with a defective DeliverEbike by visiting your premises as soon as possible after receiving your service request. Simple repairs like broken handle bars or saddles can be fixed by our team on the road.
  • We come within 24 hours in the Netherlands, and within 48 hours in Germany and Belgium.
  • Submit a separate form for each DeliverEbike. Forms with multiple frame or bicycle numbers will not be processed.
  • A flat tire is not covered by the service contract.
  • Incorrect information sent through the service form can result in delays and / or additional charges.
The frame number is located on the slanted part of the frame, in between the pedals (or behind the left pedal). If the frame number is unreadable, you can use the bike number. The bike number is located above the battery, on top of the frame.
Location of the bicycle
What time would you prefer for us to come by?


    When you purchase the DeliverEbike, you have six months standard warranty on the DeliverEbike. When leasing, the warranty is valid throughout the duration of the contract.


Fast quality repairs

We like to regularly maintain and service your DeliverEbike, to ensure its optimal performance.

Should your DeliverEbike require maintenance, please fill in the service application form above. We will collect your DeliverEbike and return it to you after the required repairs and maintenance have been made. If you have signed up to our lease program, we will even give you a replacement DeliverEbike, so you can continue your delivery services!