This is why e-bikes for delivery are becoming more popular

Source: Snackkoerier (Dennis van Asselt)

You’re starting to see them more often: deliverers on bikes. Especially the e-bike is gaining in spite of the scooters. Electric bikes are mostly in the city as fast, they’re good for the environment, healthier for the deliverers, better for the company’s image and they’re cheaper to purchase, cheaper in maintenance, fuel and insurance.

The pink deliverers of Foodora, the in orange dressed employees of, the mintgreen bikers of Deliveroo and the black bikers of Ubereats: you’ll see a lot of colour in the big cities around dinner time. The Dutch,, introduced an e-bikeservice in 2016 for businesses who didn’t had there own deliveryservice. The orderingsite is active in six big cities of the Netherlands: Groningen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag and Eindhoven. reaches there desitinations faster because of the e-bikes . Also durability is a big aspect. In general: if you are going for a green company image, it makes sense to choose a means of transport that enlarges this image, a bike, if not electrical. Who owns a cafetaria in Rotterdam and considers to purchase an e-bike or regular bike is lucky. As of this year they can apply for a subsidy of 50 percent of the purchase value to a maximum of €1000 for purchasing or leasing.

Advantages of an e-bike for delivery

An other reason of the cafetaria holders in the big cities to use e-bikes instead of scooters or cars, is that deliverers don’t suffer from payed parking or lack of parking space. Extra advantages for all the cafetaria’s in the country: no legal requirement for wearing a helmet and everyone can ride a bike without a licence. That was the reason for Quick’n Tasty from Groningen to trade the scooter for an e-bike. Not everyone owns a scooter licence. By choosing an e-bike, owner Chris Sluiter magnified his market area. It often even saves in wages. You can look at younger deliverers if you choose a (electric) bike. An other bonus of e-bikes instead of scooters: they’re more user-friendly, because you can manoeuvre easily as a deliverer. Besides, it’s insurance is cheaper and easier.


Insurances are a big aspect if your company wants to deliver meals to households. It isn’t without risk if the delivery happens per scooter or bike. Accidents happen fast. Official rates of accidents with deliverers aren’t recognized. But you read a lot about accidents in the news paper. Insurances concerned, it’s wisely to contact your insurance officer. Contact your colleagues and gain advice from them.

Special e-bikes

Nowadays there’re company’s who develop special e-bikes for delivery services. You pay a little more as an entrepreneur for these bikes as in a bike shop, but they’re specially developed for delivery. They have more stability, wider tires and specific modifications on the brakes. Thereby, you can order deliveryboxes, which are compatible with the bikes. Such a purchase, with everything included, costs about €2000. You can also lease the e-bikes and deliveryscooters for an all-in price. Leasing is a monthly amount for a maximal duration. It’s an ideal opportunity to grow for cafetaria’s who just start with delivery, without losing a big amount of money at once. Mind the conditions which you agree with. Is the agreed price indeed all-in, including damage, theft, maintenance, insurance against theft and legal liability? Otherwise, you could be disappointed.


Nowadays there’re company’s who develop special e-bikes for delivery services, such as the company Ebike4Delivery.
Footage: Fotoburo Dijkstra

Subsidy scheme

In Rotterdam there’re 15.800 registered mopeds and 21.200 scooters. The township often receives complaints from inhabitants who suffer from mopeds and scooters. A big part of the nuisance is caused by the deliverers. To prevent further complaints, the township reaches out to this particular target. A behavioural campaign must stimulate deliverers to encounter other road users. Besides that the township has decided last year to make delivery more appealing by means of subsidy. Who delivers in Rotterdam and can prove that they purchased or leased a (electrical) bike after October 10th 2017 for company means, can get a 50% return of investment. There’s a subsidy for one bike per company or establishment, to a maximum of €1000. Up till now 35 entrepreneurs have applied for a subsidy for an electrical bike for delivery. A subsidy is granted for 17 of those cases. 4 are still in consideration, 14 are rejected.


It’s best to start with a few bikes if you want to try-out delivery. Is your service area extended? Then is a small and durable delivery car worth considering. If you already possess a delivery car, then it’s advised to start with the car. To render your costs of the deliverycar and the delivery itself, you can start by delivering to company’s during lunchtime. The big advantage is that you can generate more turnover because of big orders. An other advantage is that the settlement of a car instead of a scooter of damage and insurance is cheaper.