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Highlighted: our delivery boxes!

We have a variety of boxes that could be mounted onto our Ebikes4Delivery. The most popular boxes are our insulated bisonyl-boxes. Due to the isolation on all sides of the box, your meals stay at a perfect temperature. That way you enlarge your market area!

The smallbox

DeliverEbike accessory small box - Ebike4Delivery

The smallbox has a contains of 45 Liters and is therefore ideal for transporting Asian dishes, menus, and disposables. The box can also be used for the delivery of pharmaceutical means and postal delivery. He is most used by Asian-, burger-, snack-, italian-, and takeaway restaurants.

The smallbox has an opening to the top. The box can be provided with branding on both sides and the top of the box. The box is also provided with a reflector strip for extra visibility.

The company Cooktek offers bags that fit into these boxes perfectly, to enlarge the convenience of the courier! 

The mediumbox

The mediumbox is by far our most popular box. This because it sized to fit pizzaboxes. He’s, therefore, most used by pizzerias. The medium box has a contains of 65 Liters.

The medium box has an opening to the top and can be provided with branding on both sides and the top. You can combine this box with a smallbox or a second medium box on one bicycle. This box is also provided with reflectors.

DeliverEbike GEN2 accessory delivery box medium - Ebike4Delivery

The largebox

With a contains of 80 Liters, this is the largest box we offer. This box is mostly used in combination with a smallbox. The box is mainly used by burger-restaurants and pizzerias.

The box opens at the top. It can be provided with branding on both sides and the top. It’s also provided with reflectors. The large box is most stable on the rear of the bicycle.

Want to test the boxes? That's possible too!

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