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How do subsidies work?

Several cities in the Netherlands and Belgium offered a subsidy for delivery services over the past few years.

Cities offer entrepreneurs subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles for a number of reasons:

  • Reducing the inconvenience of motor vehicles
  • Reducing CO2-emissions
  • Increase support for awareness of bicycle logistics
  • Making urban distribution more sustainable

A commune may handle the subsidy arrangement as they please. Because of that, amounts can differ from €450,- in one city, to €1500,- in another city.

Regularly the following conditions for subsidy apply:

  • Your company is listed as a company that prepares food for delivery or has its own delivery service, within the commune your applying for the subsidy from;
  • You can only apply once for subsidy for the purchase of one electric bicycle;
  • You need to be in the possession of a purchase invoice or leasing contract from the bicycle store and provide this with your application;
  • Non-electric bicycles are mostly not entitled to a subsidy. 

Points of interest:

  • Many subsidies are bound to a specific period of time, keep this period in mind;
  • Mind the minimal purchase value when applying;
  • When you choose a leasing contract, mind that the leasing period often needs to be 2 years minimum;
  • You need to provide the following when applying:
  1. – A signed lease- or purchase contract;
  2. – A copy of your handles’ register registration
  3. – A copy of a recent withdrawal from your bank account in the name of the applier.
  • Please read the terms and conditions your commune follows before applying for the subsidy. Most of the time you first need to apply for a subsidy before purchasing a bicycle.

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