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Succes stories from our customers

Johnny's Burger

The first Johnny’s Burger franchise became our customer in 2016. Since then, we provide our delivery bikes to all 19 franchises! Johnny’s Burger Company was founded in 2011 and is active as a franchise formula since 2015. They were the first burger-delivery-formula in the Netherlands and are by their own saying the fastest climbers. The durability of our Delivery Ebikes fits the durable concept Johnny’s Burger has. Our Delivery Ebikes give young drivers a chance to earn some cash. Delivery is very successful, with occasionally in the busiest hours even 6 drivers a neighborhood on our Delivery Ebikes or delivery scooters.

Domino’s Pizza

With the development of our first generation Delivery Ebikes in collaboration with Domino’s Pizza, the pizza chain is one of our biggest customers. Last June Domino’s opened their 250th branch in Steenwijk. Many Domino’s franchises use our Ebikes4Delivery. It is therefore no surprise that Domino’s is listed as the largest Quick Service Restaurants in the Netherlands. Every year, couriers deliver about 200 million pizzas in the Benelux, so not only in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium (such as Merksem), Germany (such as Hamburg) and even Austria and France. And they deliver them on our Delivery Ebikes. Their formula for success is therefore no secret to the rest of the world.

New York Pizza

New York Pizza is currently the main competitor of Domino’s Pizza. With 200 locations in the Netherlands and more expected, they are also growing rapidly. A few franchises have been using our Delivery Ebikes for years now, but with our new partnership with New York Pizza, this number is set to rise over time. New York Pizza indicates that from 2020 on, it only wants to work with sustainable packaging and environmentally friendly e-bikes and e-mopeds.

Burger King Germany

The Burger King franchises of our eastern neighbors started their delivery in Germany after a test in 2015. Since then, many of them deliver with our Ebikes4Delivery. You must be a lucky customer though: Burger King delivers only within an 8-minute radius of the restaurant. Still, Burger King’s marketing director, Christian Bauer, says there is a “huge demand” for the delivery service and the current delivery service is running smoothly. In the Netherlands, a few Burger King’s have also started delivering.

Delivery is becoming increasingly popular in Germany and Belgium. For example, we have customers such as Freddy Fresh, Pizza Hut and Pizza Jacob who eagerly use our Delivery Ebikes.

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