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The evolution of the Ebike4Delivery Ebikes


Over the years we have not been idle when it comes to the development of our Ebikes. We always monitor the performance of our bikes and listen carefully to the feedback we get from our customers. In this way, we try to respond to any deficiencies that may come forward. We always strive to produce the most indestructible delivery bike on the market and therefore, the innovation and development will not stop!

In this blog we will take a look at the types of bikes that we currently have and the ones that we have had in the past. We will also show where the Ebikes have been improved.

The generation 1, 2(+) and 3

Until now, we have had three models of our delivery bikes. However, the biggest difference can be seen after the Gen 2+ model. With our Gen 3 model we came to a completely new design. Logically, the Gen 3 also came with improved parts and specifications. The gen 2+ and the gen 3 are the bikes we currently offer. All delivery Ebikes can be provided with a delivery box on the front or the back, or on both sides. Both bikes are also upgradeable. For example, there is an option to upgrade the tyres of the Gen 2+, or you could fully customize any Ebike and have them painted in any color that you desire. There are many options!

Timeline of the Ebike4Delivery delivery bikes

After years of making electrical bicycles for private individuals we developed our first delivery bike in 2014: the Ebike4Delivery generation 1. After the big success of this bike we got the hang of it. It took roughly 500 sold Ebikes before we went back to our drawing board and in 2016 we came with the second generation of our delivery ebikes: the Ebike4Delivery Gen 2. This model was later upgraded to the gen 2+. Additionally, we assembled this model with improved parts that we use in our newest model too. To date, the Gen 2(+) is the most popular Ebike on the road. The Gen 3 Ebike4Delivery (2020), is now being sold the most and will surpass its younger generation in no-time.

The most memorable upgrades

As mentioned, the Ebikes have been improved throughout the years. We will point out the most memorable and important upgrades:

  • A reinforced rear fork: after reflecting on our first Ebike4Delivery, we decided to reinforce the rear fork with a completely new frame piece. After this decision we never went back to the old frame.
  • New Airless tyres: with the introduction of the Gen 3 we decided to replace the regular tyres with Schwalbe Airless tyres. These new tyres no longer contain air. A foam band replaces the air now. Due to this upgrade there is no more fuss with tyre pressure or a flat tyre!
  • Improved braking system: by integrating real scooter brake discs into our latest Gen 3, we’ve taken bicycle braking to a new level
  • A firmer and more powerful battery: we always want to offer our customers the best. An important aspect of electric bicycles is the range. A stronger battery = a greater range. Since the first Ebike4Delivery we have continued to upgrade the batteries. From 14 ampère to 18 and 25 ampère. Thus, the range has gone from approximately 50 km to 70 km to up to 100 km respectively.
  • The stand: we have replaced our regular center stand with a side stand. With the middle stand we had to deal with too many unnecessary defects. People are less likely to sit on a bicycle that is standing on a side stand and we have noticed that the number of reports about bicycle stands decreased after this upgrade.
  • Hardcase box: after having produced our boxes in different sizes, we came up with a new box, exclusively for the Gen 3; the hard case box. This box fits seamlessly on the bike, looks good and is more impact resistant!

We will be showing more and more of our products in the coming period and we will keep you informed of news within Ebike4Delivery!

Curious about our Ebikes and the possibilities? Take a look at our product range on our website or email us directly with your specific question at!

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