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3 tips about how to treat your battery

80% of the batteries that are returned to us are not broken at all. The most common reason that customers return the batteries is that they experience a low range. But there are a number of factors that influence the range.

Which factors are there? What do you need to keep in mind?

  • The weather conditions: bad weather and strong wind can reduce the range of the battery. This is temporary, not permanent.
  • The driver: the weight and drivers' style can affect the range of the battery. The driver needs to keep cycling along to enlarge the range. Don't let the bicycle carry all the work.
  • The weight: next to the drivers' weight, you need to encounter the weight of the contains.
  • The condition: do you have a refurbished bicycle? Then it will perform less than a newer bicycle. Take good care of your bicycle and battery.
  • The surface: the range decreases when cycling on bad surfaces.
  • The temperature of the battery during charging: a temperature too low or too high is bad for the battery. Charge your batteries at room temperature.

3 tips how to train your battery:

  1. When you receive your Ebike4Delivery, the battery is approximately 50% charged. Make sure you charge the battery before usage. Make sure you charge the battery for 12 hours the first 3 times you’re charging.
  2. Keep cycling! This way you enlarge the batteries range.
  3. The batteries need to be charged and discharge regularly to obtain its condition. Never store the batteries while empty: this will cause deep discharge.

What to do when your range is decreased?

It’s mostly caused by the listed factors. In most cases, it has to do with the driver and the weight. To find out if this is indeed the case, you can let some other driver ride the bicycle. That way you could find out if the problem occurs with other drivers as well.

More user tips?

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