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User tips

The functioning of the Ebike4Delivery

The Ebike4Delivery is in many ways similar to a regular bicycle and very easy to use.

The Ebike4Delivery has pedaling support. When you turn on the battery, the pedaling support is automatically activated. You can turn it off by turning the battery off. Then you can use it like a regular bike. The battery will shut itself down after 5 minutes of inactivity. The Ebike4Delivery shifts automatically, and the lights turn on automatically as well.

So, as you may notice, it’s easy: load your orders into the boxes, step on the bicycle and off you go!

DeliverEbike GEN2 delivery bicycle - Ebike4Delivery

10 golden tips

Do you want to prevent maintenance and wear as much as possible? Then follow these tips:

  • Assign the drivers an Ebike4Delivery and battery every day: check and register this at the beginning and end of every shift.
  • Keep the tire pressure at 3.5 bar to obtain the range.
  • Don’t sit on the bicycle while it’s on the kickstand.
  • Use your rear-brake as much as possible: use the front-brake in combination with the rear-brake for emergency stops only.
  • Keep pedaling with pressure: this increases the range.
  • Keep the batteries inside as much as possible whenever it’s cold outside.
  • Make sure the battery is turned off before you place it back into the bicycle.
  • Clean the bicycle with water and soap from time to time: your bicycle is also your companies' business card.
  • Report complaints and errors directly through our service form: continuing to drive the Ebike4Delivery may cause damage that isn’t covered by our warranty.
  • Lubricate the kickstand and the chain regularly. This will be performed during maintenance, but if you do this more often, it will decrease the chance of wearing.
DeliverEbike GEN2 McCain delivery bicycle - Ebike4Delivery

Storing the Ebike4Delivery

If you don’t have a storage facility inside, please make sure to remove the batteries. Avoid temperatures below -10 °C. Did it rain while the Delivery Ebikes were stored outside? Then please wipe the battery contact points in the casing of the bike dry before installing the battery.

Make sure the battery is turned off before placing it back into the frame.voordat je hem terug in de fiets plaatst of uit de fiets haalt. 

Instruction videos

Replacement saddle and seat-clamp

Regular maintenance

Mudguard replacement

Watch all available instruction videos on our

Battery protocol

The Lithium-ion batteries from e-bikes are a source of clean energy. They are getting safer, but also come with many risks. Here you can find a few tips on how to handle the batteries and chargers with precaution.

The batteries are easy to use:

  • Whenever the battery is empty and gets connected to the circuit, a red light will burn. This will turn green whenever the battery is fully charged.
  • Do you want to check the percentage of the battery? Press the power button once, and it will indicate if the battery needs to be charged or not.
  • The batteries need to be charged and discharge regularly to obtain its condition. Never store the batteries while empty: this will cause deep discharge.

At delivery:

  • When you receive your Ebike4Delivery, the battery is approximately 50% charged. Make sure you charge the battery before usage.
  • Make sure you charge the battery for 12 hours the first 3 times you’re charging.


  • Do not use the batteries or chargers for any other purpose. Also, don’t use a charger from another brand or device to charge the battery. This may cause a short circuit. Tip:  label the chargers to match it to the batteries.
  • Check the charger, battery, and its cords for functionality and/or damage beforehand.
  • Charge the batteries in a room at room temperature. This is favorable for the range of the battery. Make sure to lay them on a stable, clean surface.
  • Do not charge the batteries without supervision: not after business hours or at night. Charge the battery in a room equipped with a fire -and/or smoke alarm.
  • Make sure you use a good power connection. Do not use any extension cords, giving the chance of overcharge. Connect the chargers to a 16 amperes group.

Charging the batteries

  • Make sure the charger is plugged into the battery before putting it into the socket.
  • The temperature of the charger will rise, this is normal. When the charger gets too hot, it shuts itself down. It’s cooling down. After 30 minutes or so, it will start charging again. You can also cool the charger down by placing it in a cooler environment for a short amount of time.
  • Do not charge the battery longer than is necessary. Take the charger out of the socket first before unplugging the battery from the charger. Never do this the other way around!
  • Store the batteries in a cool, dry place (preferably in a separate, empty room). For example, place them in a fireproof safety cabinet or metal container. The best scenario would be if this happened outside the business premises.
  • Make sure the room is equipped with a fire/smoke alarm and a fire extinguisher.
  • Don’t expose the batteries and chargers to heat, too much sunlight, moisture, water, sparks, fire, gasses, and liquids.
  • Don’t park the Delivery Ebikes outside all night and avoid bright sunlight. It’s best to store the bikes inside after usage. No room to store the bikes inside? Then at least take the batteries out of the bikes. Also, take the batteries out of the bikes when they’re stored inside, this is best for the battery.
  • Did it rain while the Delivery Ebikes were stored outside? Then please wipe the battery contact points in the casing dry before installing the battery. Never remove the batteries while it’s raining. Never clean your bike with a high-pressure hose!

80% of the batteries or chargers that get sent back to us, aren’t defect at all. The foremost reason customers send the batteries back is because they believe the range has gone down. However, many factors are an influence on the range of the battery, such as the weather, driver, weight, tire pressure, condition of the bike/battery, and the road surface. If you’re experiencing a low range, you can check the tire pressure and use different drivers to test the range.

  • Reparations should be performed by Ebike4Delivery only. Never do this yourself!
  • Is the cord, charger, or battery damaged or broken? Then please get in touch with Ebike4Delivery. Place the battery or charger outside, away from any flammable objects or other batteries and chargers.
  • Has the battery and/or its metal contacts become dirty? Wipe it down with a dry cloth.
  • Is the charging of the battery taking more time than usual? Stop charging. The battery is most likely defective.
  • Does the light of the empty battery turn green immediately when beginning to charge? Stop charging. The battery is most likely defective.
  • Is the charger starting to smell? Stop charging. The battery is most likely defective.
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