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About us

History of Ebike Nederland BV - Ebike4Delivery

Who are we?

Ebike4Delivery is a Dutch company that is specialized in electric mobility for delivery services. With more than 20 years of experience in developing and selling E-bikes, we know exactly what delivery services are looking for in a delivery bike. We continually update our products using the latest trends and newest technologies.

Ebike4Delivery offers several products and services to ensure carefree delivery. We offer the total package. Therefore, our products are found very popular with several fast-food chains, but also other branches like postal-companies and hotels. We are the largest delivery bike distributor in Europe, with distribution in 15 countries worldwide.

Entering the bicycle-branch
The founding of Ebike Nederland B.V.
The founding of Ebike4Delivery
Releasing the second-generation E-bikes
Releasing the third-generation E-bikes

Our services

  • Complete personalization

We can provide our products with your company branding:

  • Bicycle frame in your own color
  • Branding on the boxes
  • Branding on the frame
  • Tailored advice

Our experts love to help you to get everything out of your delivery service:

  • Personal contact
  • Advice about the products and about delivery
  • We’ll come to you, or you are more than welcome to visit our headquarters!
  • Service & maintenance

Our mechanics will solve the defects as soon as possible:

  • 4x a year maintenance (on request)
  • On location within 24 hours after applying for service (in the Netherlands)
  • Replacement bike when the DeliverEbike needs to be fixed
  • Insurance & warranty

Insurance and warranty are included in our leasing packages:

  • Damage insurance
  • Theft insurance
  • Warranty of 6 months when buying or warranty during the whole leasing term
  • Several purchasing-options

For different kinds of business operations:

  • Buy
  • 24-months leasing contract
  • 48-months leasing contract
  • Gratis testweek

Zodat je onze producten zelf kunt ervaren:

  • Een week vrijblijvend testen
  • De bezorgfiets (inclusief accessoires naar keuze) wordt afgeleverd en weer opgehaald
  • Directe follow-up na het testen
DeliverEbike GEN2 driver delivery bicycle - Ebike4Delivery


Everything you need to deliver!


Do you want to become part of a great team? Check here for our vacancies! Open applications are welcome as well.

*Acquisition is not appreciated

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