FAQ - Service


It may be that your delivery staff has to deal with unpleasant traffic situation and the delivery E-Bike/E-Scooter is damaged as a result. In that case, you should always immediately fill in the claim form with any third party involved and submit the service request on our website with clear pictures of all the damages.


Operational lease client

When a lease E-Bike has been through an accident and the repair cost of damages is more than €250, -, EB4D will help the client go under insurance procedures.

The client has to provide the following information to be able to process the insurance procedure:

  1. Frame number
  2. Pictures of the damage
  3. A complete claim form if it’s applicable (the client can use “Claim App”)


Please note: Client must report the incident within 24 hours after the accident. EB4D only picks up the bike and continues the insurance procedure after receiving complete information including the complete claim form. If not, EB4D will send a reminder email.



Buying client

If a buying client requests EB4D for repairment after an accident, and the damage is severe that the bike needs to be relocated to a Hub:

  1. The client requests the repair on EB4D website: https://www.ebike4delivery.com/service-notification.
  2. The bike is delivered to a Hub of EB4D.
  3. EB4D will evaluate repair costs and send a quotation to the client within 3 working days after receiving the bike at Hub.
  4. Repairment is only booked after the quotation is signed.
  5. EB4D aims to repair the bike within 10 working days.
  6. EB4D sends the client repair invoice (including call-out fee if it’s applied) after finishing the repair.
  7. After payment is fulfilled, EB4D returns the bike back to the client.

EB4D provides transport service, the transport cost is €50, - for one way.



Own risk / Abuse of the E-Bike

When a bike owned by a customer incurs damage, we impose a €250,- excess charge on the customer if no third party who is accountable for the damage is identified. It should be noted that if the damage is the result of customer-inflicted damage or misuse, we reserve the right to recover the entire repair cost from the customer. Additional information on this policy can be found in our terms and conditions

What should I do if my E-Bike gets stolen?

※This only applies to operational lease clients

  1. The insurance only covered when the client has 2 original AXA keys (NOT the battery keys!), and the E-Bike was locked.
  2. The lease contract of the stolen bike ends. If a client requests a new bike, the client will receive a new contract from EBN or FL lease, and EB4D replace the bike after the contract is signed.
  • EBN lease - If the bikes are stolen under the direct lease, EB4D will replace the bike.
  • Friesland lease – A new bike replacement is covered by insurance.
  • Elbuco – A new bike replacement is covered by insurance.  


Step 1: The client reports this incident to the police. After the police report is received by the client, mail it to support@ebike4delivery.com along with a picture of both of the AXA keys. Both keys must be clearly visible.

Step 2: Client sends 2 original keys (NOT the battery keys!) per registered post with a bubble envelope (these envelopes can be acquired at the post office) to E-Bike Nederland head office, Nieuwe Dukenburgseweg 9, 6534 AD Nijmegen, the Netherlands, please address this package to Customer Care together with the following information:

  • Company’s name
  • frame number of the missing bike.

※If the keys are not received or are missing after 1 working week after the declaration, the full remaining book value, including a fine of €150, will be charged. There is always a deductible of €250.

  • Friesland lease and Elbuco – The lease companies will charge the client the remaining value of the contract.
  • EBN lease – EB4D will charge the client the remaining value of the contract.